Dunken Francis Sensei

Dunken Francis 4th dan institute of aikido aucklandIn September 2007 Dunken founded The Institute of Aikido Auckland dojo in Okura.

For most of the last decade, Dunken was Sempai (senior student) and assistant instructor to Sensei H. W. Foster, 7th Dan at the headquarters of the Institute of Aikido (The Hut Dojo) in West London – the birthplace of Aikido in the UK.

He trained under H.W. Foster sensei since beginning his Aikido career as a young child, and for a several years was also a student of Ron Russell sensei a great Aikido teacher who contributed greatly to the spread of Aikido throughout New Zealand.

Training at The Hut dojo instilled in Dunken a commitment to the principles of Riai – “Blending of Truths”, and he is a strong advocate for the regular practice of Aiki-jo and Aiki-ken.

In 2005 he moved to Auckland with his wife and daughter, and in 2007 opened the first Institute of Aikido dojo in Okura.   In 2009 private dojo was built at the family property in Silverdale (training by invitation only).

Mainly focusing upon teaching beginners and trying to bring new people into the art, and to help newcomers clarify the myriad of techniques and technical terms used in our art, “Aikido – A Beginner’s Guide” was published in July 2003, and the accompanying DVD “Aikido – The First Steps” in 2005.


CONGRATULATIONS To Mark Rodgers, 1st Kyu, Craig barker, 3rd Kyu and Paul King 5th Kyu

Summer Camp

Summer Camp this year is 24-27th january. See facebook for full details and the list of instructors.. Be sure to check out out Timetable to see when classes are on.

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