Adult Aikido Classes (North Shore, Silverdale, Orewa, Millwater, Hibiscus Coast) For information call 0223 201 202.

Adult Aikido & Aikijutsu classes start age 15. Students are introduced to the group and from day one will have the benefits of training with other students of all levels of experience. Our club has a strong focus on self defense and mutual growth, so everyone works together to learn and grow as a group.  Our syllabus has been established for over 45 years and has been proven to allow complete beginners to progress through to black belt.

Initially students will learn core skills such as rolling and falling safely, correct posture and balance, and how to move in a relaxed and efficient manner.  Once the basic skills have been grasped, students then follow the syllabus to attain each coloured belt, through to black belt, and along the way the senior instructor will make sure that the focus is upon the particular aspects of the system that will most benefit that particular student (Posture, movement, mental approach, flexibility, self defence etc).