Getting Started

Aikido as a martial art does not rely on physical strength and is suitable for children and adults alike, male and female.  The current age group within the Institute of Aikido ranges from 9 to 70’s.

The Self defence Aikido and Aikijutsu system taught within our organisation provides a clear structure to introduce new students to the art, and manage their progression through to black belt and beyond.  With regular training most  students sit their black belt examination within 4-5 years.  Both our dojos (training halls) have state-of-the-art matting for safety, and our senior instructor is a qualified sports coach and is a well respected 6th dan with over 35 years experience.

The practice environment is mutually supportive and everyone helps each other to get the most they can from their training.   Our youth academy is one of the most successful in Auckland and new kids aged 10-15 years (or from 8 years old if a parent or guardian trains on the mat with them) are always welcome to come along and train with the regular Tuesday and Thursday groups.

So What do I do to get started?
Simply pop along to the dojo on a training night, and meet the instructors.  They will explain basic etiquette to you and make you feel at home.  You are more than welcome to sit and watch a class, or if you prefer, join in – you will be well looked after.  We accept that everyone learns at their own pace so you will not be expected to try anything new that may be outside of your comfort zone!

What do I wear?
If you have a Judo / Aikido / Karate gi (training suit) then please of course wear it, if not please wear loose fitting comfortable clothing (jog pants and a long-sleeved sweat shirt is ideal).   Ensure that you remove all jewelery, watches, keys from your pocket etc before going on the mat.  If after a few session you decide to commit to training, the club can provide you with a training suit.

Can we train together as a family?

Yes – of course!  In fact we encourage Mums and Dads to get involved with their kid’s training.  If you have a younger child (8 or 9) we ask you rain with them as we find it helps with them focus. There is also an “Family” class on Sunday mornings at the Silverdale dojo from 9 – 10.30am. We include our Academy students (10 years +) in this workshop-style class.

Current Class Time Tables

Contact Us

Feel free to call 0223 201 202 and talk to our senior instructor Dunken Francis, who will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Our Dojo

Our beautiful dojo is located just outside Silverdale and is an ideal location for adults and kids looking for great martial arts classes near Millwater, Orewa, Red Beach, Dairy Flat, Whangaparoa, Stillwater and even Albany and North Shore. Email us now.

Contact Us

Feel free to call 0223 201 202 and talk to our senior instructor Dunken Francis, who will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.