We were welcomed by Sensei’s Dunken and Daniel and were quickly made to feel part of their “Aikido family”. We were a bit nervous at first as we had never done any form of martial art but within a few classes all the instructors helped us to “find our feet” and special thanks to Sensei Jon for helping our girls learn to roll!
Kate & Alan

The thing I like about Dunkens’ club is the lack of politics and focus on money making which I have sadly experienced over the years with other organisations. Had a great 18 months or so worth of training and look forward to many years of training to come.
Mark Rodgers

Our girls are loving the classes, good fun, great training, 100% awesome.
(says the girls!)

Dunken makes the classes interesting and fun, he is super friendly, highly skilled and very patient!!

Lori & Alex

Sensei Dunken is not only an amazing instructor in terms of technique and manner of tuition, but an exceptional person with a genuine care for people, especially his students. I have to say what initially grabbed me to stay at the club was more so the vibe and friendliness of everyone.  A great way to change your life, in many different ways
Kevin Coyle

My son was 11 when he joined Aikido, he had low self-esteem and no confidence from being bullied at school. He has been with Dunken now for over a year and currently holds his yellow belt in Aikido, and is working hard to earn his orange belt. Isaacs’s confidence and self-esteem has improved so much that I no longer hear so much about bullies and Isaac has become confident enough to be himself and enjoy the things he loves like opera music and the piano without fear of being teased.  I believe that Dunken and Aikido have played a large part in Isaacs’s happiness as Dunken is very hands on with the kids and makes the lessons fun and interesting, Isaac never wants to miss his lessons as he enjoys them so much.  I would highly recommend Aikido lessons for kids who are struggling with bullies or lacking confidence and need to be built up, I cannot express enough how grateful I am as a parent to Dunken for the Aikido lessons and the bonds and impacts he has made with Isaac.  Thank you Dunken you are amazing at what you do, and you have had a wonderful impact on my son Isaac.
Juliette Carter

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